Wall Mounted Hive Success!

I had always wanted to try to get the Hive Series pieces on the wall and I thought it was possible but I had never really taken the time to experiment with wall mount designs. Well… I finally tried it and it worked! Here’s a little but of my process…

Wall Mounted Hive Success! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

First I mocked up a prototype on some scrap wood, it was nothing pretty and is not pictured here, but it helped me find the pattern of attachment points for each of the layers of ceramic pieces and it gave me confidence that the wire looping from the clay to the wood would actually hold them down. So moved forward and cut large circles for the base that the pieces would rest on, drilled holes for the wire loops, then sanded and painted them. Then one layer at a time I attached the pieces with the wire loops and did a dot of extra strength epoxy on the edge of the wood where the pieces rested not so much to keep them attached as much as to keep them from shifting position.

Wall Mounted Hive Success! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Once all the pieces were wired on and epoxied to hold their place, I added a second smaller circle of wood to the backs. This piece has the hole to hang on a screw on the wall and it also has three screws connecting it to the larger circle with small spacers in between the circles to allow space for the twists of wire. I think this gives them a clean backside hiding the wire ends while also floating them off the wall a little bit- which also makes them slightly easier to hang. And here’s the result…

These three are available in the online shop with free shipping in the US and three more will be added in a few weeks! Enjoy!!
Hive Series | shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

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