Updates from the studio

Remember all those parts I’ve been making? Well, they’ve started to find their way onto the studio walls…

This installation is far from finished but a few hundred pieces are up on the wall. It’s been fun to play with how far off the wall the parts are and the subsequent shadows become a part of the piece. The overall form is inspired by a water droplet and the outward waves of ripples.

I’ve also got my own jellyfish aquarium going here with a whole new batch of Medusas swimming through the studio. These guys are so fun to hang out with in the studio all day!

New Press for Spore Patterns!

lichen series | spore patterns | public art | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Excited to share that my piece Lichen Series: Spore Patterns was one of the sculptures featured in an article about the Price Sculpture Forest in Luxe Beat Magazine! Check out the full article here and if you’re ever on Whidbey Island, be sure to check the sculpture forest out in person!

Art Prints for Sale

In the Field Photo: Relic Series | shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Just a reminder…

Images of the In the Field ephemeral installations are available as prints on metal for unique 2-D versions of my artwork.

Works from the Nest Series, Relic Series and Umbel Series are available for $45 and up.

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Life in the studio these days

I almost thought that there wasn’t a reason to even write a blog post this week about what was happening in the studio because for me it’s like Groundhog Day in here. Making hundreds of parts is tedious and monotonous and that’s about all that I’ve been up to. But then I scrolled through my phone photos are realized that I do have a few things to share. So here ya go…

These are the latest batch of Medusas to make their way out of the kiln and I’m pretty happy with them. I love the variety of their wire tendrils and how they add movement to the pieces. Right now these are resting on a towel in the studio but eventually I’ll get them all hung up so that they appear to be drifting through the studio.

I’ve also been experimenting with embedding my porcelain planktons into ice. The trick is making clear ice so that you can see the pieces, which I’m kind of getting the hang of. This is a small block, but I’m hoping to work towards getting a big ol iceberg going. If anyone has any tips or ice related info to share, I’m all ears… who knew freezing ice could be so tricky!?!

And yeah, remember all those parts, still working on that. The piles are getting bigger though!

Need Art?

You’re looking at that bare wall in your home or that empty space in the garden that needs something but you can’t figure out quite what…maybe it needs a custom piece of art??

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | installations | residential

I’ve worked with clients over the past 20 years to place existing works or create custom works for their homes. During the pandemic when everyone was locked up and staring at their walls, I had so many clients reach out to thank me for the art that graced their spaces. They shared that the work brought them joy during a dark time and gave them solace as we all moved towards an uncertain future. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to place those works.

Here are a few examples of some works that I’ve created for clients over the years to get some ideas going for what’s possible in your space. Feel free to reach out to get the conversation started, consultations are free!

New Press with The Pajaronian!

Annual sculpture exhibit returns for 16th year

For the past 16 years, Pajaro Valley Arts (PVA) has partnered with Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens for an annual art exhibit. Artists install sculptures throughout Sierra Azul’s two-acre demonstration garden, creating an open-air gallery surrounded by native trees and plants.

For this year’s Sculpture IS: In the Garden, curators Susana Arias, Hedwig Heerschop, and Sierra Azul owner Jeff Rosendale selected more than 90 sculptures by 48 contributors to be displayed. Read more…

Reminder! Book Bundles are Available!

Book Bundle | Shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Just a reminder…

If you need a gift for the art lover in your life, a dad, a grad or you just want something creative for yourself, all three of my books are available in the online shop for just $60.


Throwback Thursday: First Solo Show circa 2006

It can be embarrassing to look back at work you’ve made in the past, like really embarrassing sometimes…but it’s also a sign that your work has grown and evolved. These images are from my first solo exhibit in 2006 at a gallery that doesn’t even exist anymore, it was a space that had a lot of challenges – mainly ‘how do I put sculptures on a wall?’ since that was the only space available to place work in and I was building very three dimensionally at that time.

But, that challenge led me to designing floating pedestals that my husband made and I still use to this day. It also led me to working with high temperature wire not only as a design element but also as a structural element to attach the pieces to the wall, allowing me to go big (and secure) on the wall. Lots of things were learned in the process of putting this show together.

I still have a few of the vines in my studio and get to visit a number of the other pieces at friends and families homes, I still think about what I could do better or different with all of these works, but overall I’m still pretty pleased with these pieces and really not too embarrassed.

The Umbels are Up!

Yesterday, I installed my four largest Umbels at Sierra Azul Sculpture Garden in Watsonville CA as a part of Sculpture IS: 2022 exhibition. I love showing my work in this space, it’s truly one of my favorite annual local shows. Here’s a sneak peek of A Feast of Fennels, but you really need to get to see this show in person – it officially opens June 1st!

About A Feast of Fennels: The inspiration for these sculptures comes from my exploration of the natural world, and my curiosity about identifying plants, especially the edible ones. As an amateur forager, every hike in the woods has become like a trip to the grocery store for me. Fennels are one of the most recognized edibles that grow in California, available for the taking, yet there is a tendency to not trust the wild plants. This disconnect we humans have with nature, the loss of knowledge about native plants and how that relates to the global issue of food insecurity are all concepts explored with these pieces. 

Sierra Azul Nursery & Gardens | 2660 E Lake Ave, Watsonville, CA 95076 | Open Daily 10 – 5

Sculpture IS: 2022 | June 1 – October 31 | pvarts.org

Finished Marine Drifters

Marine Drifters has 237 porcelain parts attached across 3 deep blue panels. Each panel is 26″ x 72″ and now they are off to the framers to get their plexiglass boxes made and then they will be installed. Really loving this one and can’t wait to see it installed in it’s new home.

The forms of the porcelain are based on the intricate skeletal structures of a variety of planktons. Planktons play a huge role in the health of our planet as they release oxygen into the atmosphere while alive and when they die, they trap carbon sinking it into the deep ocean, as well as being a major source of food for ocean animals.

Panel 1/3
Panel 2/3
Panel 3/3