Do You You Tube?

Videos are the best way I can share what I do with my art when I’m installing them out in the world, one or two photos just doesn’t seem to do these installations justice. So if you You Tube, be sure to check out my channel, subscribe and let me know what you think!
Do You You Tube? | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Video: Keeping it Clean

A few people were asking about how to clean my sculptures and were surprised to find out how I do it. A dry fluffy paintbrush is a great way to remove larger debris, cobwebs or dust first especially if your pieces are kept outside. Then give them a good spray down with the hose, don’t worry ceramics are tough, they can handle it. Then air dry on a thick towel and your art will be sparkling again. Easy peasy!

New Video: Tide Pool Series

The Tide Pool Series is inspired by my time spent observing the tiny watery worlds on the rocky shoreline that exist temporarily as the rise and fall of the ocean reveals them and hides them again. The creatures and amount of life that thrive in these crevices is fascinating and forever a source of inspiration for me.

This installation explores the flow of water as it rises and falls between the rocks. The pieces mimic the blue mussels often found in these tidal zones. As the pieces were placed in the sand during the installation, the waves occasionally rolled in and kissed the edges of the pieces, gently moving them and washing them with sand without disrupting the forms.

To purchase work from this series visit: Shop | Tide Pool Series

Studio Tour

If you’ve never been to the studio or you haven’t visited me in awhile, now is your chance to check out all the new and fun things going on at my studio in the redwoods. Click play on the video to take a virtual tour of my studio. You are always welcome to make an appointment to tour the studio in person too!

Art to Go Video

Take Aways: Art to Go opened this Sunday at the Pajaro Valley Arts Council Gallery in Watsonville. If you were at the opening, you know it was swamped with artists and art supporters and work was flying off the walls. I took a quick video walk through of the exhibit but I think I captured more people than art- so you’ll have to check the show out for yourself. Remember that this exhibit is constantly changing as work is sold, new work replaces it, so check it out – often!

New Video!

I’ve just launched a new video on my You Tube channel! I’m making these pieces for a custom order and thought it would be a great opportunity to share the process. This is a quick time lapse video of me making a sprout form in the studio, the video is less than a minute long but the piece took about a 20 minutes to make. The next steps are for it to dry completely, be fired in the kiln for about 10 hours, then glazed and fired once more. I’ve made hundreds of these little sprouts to be used as the inside pieces of my Nest Series. A few of these pieces were also featured in the Fire & Water In the Field Series. I hope this helps you understand all the work that goes into making even the smallest of pieces. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

New Video Launch of the Bone Series | Atlantic

If you came to Open Studios this year, you got a sneak peek at my latest art adventure – taking work from the Bone Series under the Atlantic Ocean. I’m so excited to share this new video with you that gives you an idea of what went on behind the scenes and gives you a glimpse into a world that inspires me. I hope to continue to share my work both above and below sea level and continue to find the places where art & nature meet.