So much gratitude for all 900 of you that came through my studio this during this years Open Studios Art Tour. It’s a lot of work to prep for this event but your conversations, thoughtful compliments and purchases make it all worth it! I hope you loved seeing my latest work from the Bone and Umbel Series, it was so fun to have a custom blue wall in the studio and watch you take selfies and family photos in front of it.

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Encore Weekend! Ready?

The second and final weekend of Open Studios is just a few days away!

Visit the studio and say hi Oct 16TH & 17TH from 11-5

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2523 C Mission St Santa Cruz CA 95060

Scenes from the Studio…

Been getting things ready for Open Studios this October, here’s a sneak peek at a few of the treats in store for you!

Hope you can join me Oct 9, 10, 16 & 17 from 11- 5 at 2523 C Mission St Santa Cruz California

price sculpture forest installation part II

Day three working on the installation was spent getting the 4th section of the composition installed and laying out the last section. It was a shorter working day because I was invited to a potluck by local artists and supporters of the Price Sculpture Forest. It was so lovely to meet everyone and get a chance to take in the gorgeous views the island has to offer. The community here has been so welcoming and supportive of my contribution to the forest. I will definitely be back here again but for playtime instead of work next time.

Day four was filled with finishing up the last section of the circle and then pouring concrete underneath the last three sections. It was tricky to get the concrete to run everywhere but we made it work and eventually everything was covered, with some drainage areas designed in too. There is so much that goes into creating a site specific installation like this; so many hours, so much labor and materials that are beyond the main medium of ceramics. The ceramic pieces are obviously the focus, but all the support systems that are built to showcase the ceramic pieces are often more work, cost and effort and yet go sort of unseen. Tomorrow will be the final work day on site and we’ll backfill over the concrete so the forest floor can return to its natural state and the piece will become a part of the landscape.

I’m really grateful for all the help I received to make this piece possible, from my husband Nate with design and fabrication ideas, to my artist neighbors sourcing materials for me and offering advice and to Scott Price for his vision on this sculpture forest, and who has been getting his hands dirty everyday helping me make this installation a reality. It takes a village to raise and artist and I’m so grateful to my village.

Final photos will be coming next week… stay tuned!

Price Sculpture Forest Installation Week Part I

After a two day drive north, I arrived at the Price Sculpture Forest on beautiful Whidbey Island last weekend to start the process of installing my site specific piece entitled Lichen Series | Spore Patterns. I arrived in the middle of a random summer rain storm which seems perfectly appropriate for the Pacific Northwest, everything was lush and green. I was given a personal tour of the forest by founder Scott Price and got details on the artists and works in the collection. Then we got to work scheming and scheduling all the components of this installation. Scott’s dad also got involved designing a custom contraption that would safely and cleanly distribute the concrete to the base of the work in the days to come.

All of the ceramic parts and steel rods were unloaded from the van and carted box by box down the trail to my site including over a ton of concrete that will be used to hold the pieces in place. I got to work on laying out five separate sections of the radial composition and laying out all of the pieces.

Then started installing the over 300 ceramic pieces onto steel rods that had been predesigned to hold them. I even had friends who took a day out of their vacation in the area to help me get started installing and who kept me laughing all day. By the end of the first day, 2 sections had been installed and were ready for concrete. By the end of the second day we successfully used the concrete contraption and poured two sections with concrete and had another section installed.

It’s been long and laborious days, but the installation is really looking great, so it’s all worth it. It’s also great to hear the interest from visitors who are walking by on the trail, everyone is very excited to see what the piece will look like and to learn all about it. The next few days will reveal the final installation and it’s my goal that by the time I pack up all the tools and boxes, replace the underbrush of the forest floor, and let the birds return peacefully, it will seem like the installation has grown in the forest all on it’s own.

exciting studio news!

Our exhibition proposal for the next NCECA was accepted! The NCECA (National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts) conference will be held in Sacramento in March of 2022. If you are unfamiliar with the conference, the 3 day event hosts lectures, panels, demos and exhibitions all related to the field of ceramics. This will be the first time in 2 years that the conference is planned to be in person once again – so exciting to have this happening in our backyard.

Cynthia Siegel, Jenni Ward
Shannon Sullivan, Wesley Wright, Sue Whitmore

NCECA accepts proposals for concurrent exhibits to happen during the conference at neighboring galleries and art spaces and this year I’m thrilled to be co-curating and exhibiting my own work in one of those exhibits. Fellow ceramic artist Cynthia Siegel and I proposed an exhibit entitled, ‘This Is The Anthropocene.’ which aims to discuss the environmental crisis we are currently in through a variety of styles and approaches all using clay as the primary medium. We invited three other artists; Shannon Sullivan, Wesley Wright and Sue Whitmore to join us in exploring this concept. All of our work is so different in style, but will be tied together with the common thread of the status of our environment, I can’t wait to see it all in the same space.

More details about the conference, these artists and this exhibition will be coming as things get closer, so stay tuned!