Catching Up with Multiple Works in Progress

Sometimes I feel like I’m a juggler trying to work on a million things at once and keeping them all up in the air and moving forward at the same time. Right now I have 3 sculpture projects in process on top of maintaining my Art Heart supply, summer classes are happening and the constant buzz of promoting existing and upcoming events is making the studio feel a little busy right now. So just to keep y’all in the loop of things, my plan is to launch these new pieces for Open Studios in October but here’s a little catch up on what I’ve got going on…

Catching Up with Multiple Works in Progress | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


Bone Series:

I’ve had steel frames fabricated to build webs of my Bone Series in them, so they will be similar to the installations I have up in the studio but easier for you to take home and hang up. I’m currently painting the frames with a satin matte black paint and then will begin assembling the bone pieces to the frames. There are five 2′ x 4′ frames and three 2.5′ x 2.5′ frames, this photo was the prototype. I think they are going to look pretty dynamic once they are all up on the walls, so stay tuned to see the final results…




Catching Up with Multiple Works in Progress | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureLichen Series:

I’ve had three beautiful live edge walnut slabs in my studio for about 6 months now and I knew that I was going to attach ceramic pieces from the Lichen Series to them and I thought that I was going to attach the wood to the wall. But I had an epiphany one day in the studio and decided that they should be free standing like the trees they are (or were), so I’m getting some steel bases fabricated to bolt them to so that they can stand. Then I’ll start attaching the ceramic pieces and finish them up by oiling the wood to make the grain glow. The other bonus of having them freestanding is that I can now use both sides of the wood to attach to. Excited to see these come to life but in the meantime, I’m making, firing and glazing all the small lichen parts that will get attached. The pile of them is growing slowly…



Catching Up with Multiple Works in Progress | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


Umbel Series:

I’m sure that you’ve seen images of all of my yellow mustard flower inspired Umbels at the UCSC Arboretum but that installation has spurred another umbel sculpture. This one is the most tedious thing I’ve created in awhile and I’m not even sure if it will survive the kiln firing. I’m slowly working away at making a seeding dandelion with clay and high temperature wire. I’m thinking that if it survives it will be glazed monochromatic in either black or white, not exactly sure yet.

And by the way, if you haven’t seen my Umbel Series installation at the Arboretum, it’s up until Nov 17th and the flowers are available for pre-sale in the shop. Get yours before they’re all gone.


And if you can’t wait until all these amazing things actually happen, there’s a ton of work available in the online shop or you’re always welcome to visit me at the studio so you can see the work in person. Ok, I think you’re all caught up- now back to work for me!


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