BIGGEST NEWS OF THE YEAR (so far!) | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureJust a few days ago, the artists at Mission Industrial Art Studios got word from the powers-that-be that we WILL be allowed to have our studios open for this years Open Studios event in October! YAY!!

If you’re unsure why this is the BIGGEST NEWS OF THE YEAR, then read this post first about all the changes at Mission Industrial. Then this post about what I had planned to do for this years Open Studios.

With this new exception in place, I will now be showing my work in my own space, 2523 C Mission St, Artist #307 in the catalog and I can’t wait to see you all there! Now that you’re all caught up, aren’t you excited!?!?

I should also note, that none of the other changes at Mission Industrial have been revoked, so we are still unable to hold classes or have other events and as it stands now, this could be the last Open Studios at Mission Industrial, so make sure that you get over here to check out the eight artists participating.

October 13, 14, 20 & 21 | 11 – 5


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