week three: ephemeral art installations

you’ll notice as the landscape changes, I kind of got obsessed with a trees instead of rocks this week… enjoy!

Click the link to start from the beginning and understand what my thoughts are behind starting this project…

grand staircase escalante, utah
grand staircase escalante, utah
coconino national forest, arizona
coconino national forest, arizona

Just a reminder, that I am not leaving any of these pieces out in nature. I’m not littering or impacting the environment, in fact all the above pieces were made with the same piece of clay I reclaimed each day. Hope you’re enjoying these fleeting installations and remember to pack your trash too!

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2 thoughts on “week three: ephemeral art installations

  1. Love these. Wondering if the color of the clay changes as you use it.

    1. Thx! I’ve been using a very white porcelain and because I’m reusing the same clay it’s picked up a little bit of contamination so the color may of changed some. I think it looks very different depending on where I’m placing it too- snow vs red rocks makes the white clay appear different. Glad you’re enjoying!

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