New Video: Artist in Residence Interview

The Fish Factory does interviews with each of their artists on their last week as a way to reflect on their time spent there and how it effected their work. As an artist, when you’re so focused on your work and in your headspace, it can be hard to explain (in a way that makes sense) to the viewer what you’re thinking about and why you’re making what your making. Being forced to verbalize it in a cohesive interview is a great way to gather your thoughts and wrap up this amazing opportunity. Enjoy my interview…

New Video: Dust to Dust | Fish Factory Residency Iceland

This is an experiment with a raw clay form returning to the earth. The piece settled on a bed of seaweed while the waves gently washed in and sped up the reclaiming process. I love the little bubbles and sound of the water permeating the clay. (sorry for the vertical format!)


New Video: Quaking Aspen Leaves

A little glimpse into my translucent porcelain aspen leaves installed in a tree on the property of Buffalo Creek Art Center in the oldest aspen grove in Nevada. In a wind storm, a few of the trees fell into a natural creek and I loved the way the water beaded up and fluttered the fallen leaves, so I had the porcelain ones follow the same journey.

And the show must come down…

Instead of adventures into the wilderness this weekend, we are headed north to Oregon to take down my exhibit ‘where art & nature meet’ at the Grants Pass Museum of Art. After a year of planning, months of building and weeks of showing; it has finally come time for the days of de-installing.

where art & nature meet exhibit | installations | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

I loved having the opportunity to use this beautiful gallery space to showcase my installations and the ‘in the field’ photographs of them. The response from the viewers who got to see it in person was so positive, I’m over flowing with gratitude from your comments and compliments. For those of you that weren’t able to see it in person, please check out the video here and let me know what you think!

Thank you to everyone at the museum for inviting me into your space with open arms!

New Video: where art & nature meet exhibit

If you weren’t able to see this show in person, here’s a few of my favorite images from my solo exhibit at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in Grants Pass Oregon. The exhibit showcases seven installations from the Nest, Umbel, Relic, Lichen, Rock Candy, Bone & Hive Series. The works are all inspired by structures and patterns found in nature. These ideas are explored in abstract ceramic forms that are composed in a way that is deeply rooted to a sense of place. All of the installations are accompanied by photos of the works placed out in nature where they were first inspired by.

New Video: Work in Progress

I’ve been working on an installation of my Rock Candy Series for my upcoming solo show at the Grants Pass Museum of Art and thought I’d share a little video of the process. I made 100+ of these rocks, glazed them in a variety of bright colors and they will be installed in a ribbon of them wrapping around a wall in a section of the gallery interspersed with photos of them as they were installed ‘in the field’ at Joshua Tree National Park. I love how they start out as these lumpy potato shapes and end up angular and sharp – they’re just begging to be touched!

Video: Stretching out Clay!

I went through nearly 100lbs of clay making ring forms that will eventually be assembled into a sculpture. By throwing the clay on the floor, it stretches it and gives it amazing texture. I’m using a paper clay for this because it has enough strength to stretch to 4′ lengths without tearing. I used to make sculptures about 20 years ago using this stretching technique, kind of fun to return to it again and looking forward to seeing where it goes…