NEW Trinket Necklaces in the SHOP!

Trinket Necklace on Display | shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


This limited series of Trinket Necklaces on Display boards debuted at Open Studios this past fall and the remaining pieces are now available in the shop. These thoughtfully crafted pieces made by sculptor Jamie Abbott and myself each come with their own display board so when you’re not wearing them, they can hang like small wall sculptures. Valentines Day is coming and these make great gifts for your sweetheart!


Article Share: Don’t ‘get’ art? You might be looking at it wrong

I came across this gem of an article on the NPR app and thought it would be great to share with you all. I really liked their idea of taking the pressure off of trying to see the whole museum on one visit and instead, taking your time to see a collection or a new exhibit. Also great tips for how to look at and appreciate art that you might just as easily dismiss. Let me know your thoughts….

Many of us would love to have this kind of deep connection when we look at a painting or sculpture, but it can be challenging. Art can feel inaccessible, as if it can only be interpreted by those who know a ton about the subject. And museums can be overwhelming. With thousands of pieces in a collection, how do you know which to focus on? And once you see a piece you like, how do you interact with it?

read full article here

Malaka Gharib/ NPR

Featured Art: Relic Series

Help me make room in the studio for more art!

There are 3 huge Relic Series pieces that are not in the online shop but they are available for pickup! They would look amazing in a zen garden space, accompanying a water feature or nestled into a mossy shade garden. Loops of hand-built stoneware are tied together with sinew and have an red iron wash finish on them giving the surface a metallic look.

They are each approximately 36″ long by 24″ high and about 16″ deep, they have slate stone bases and are all suitable for outdoor display. Make an appointment to come by the studio to see them in person, they are priced at $750 each or $2000 for all three -that’s a huge savings and a great deal! If you need them shipped, I’d be happy to get a quote for you. Also a reminder that there are still 3 mini Relic Series pieces that are in the online shop if you need a smaller version for your space.

Click here to see this original ephemeral installation of these pieces!

Featured Art: Art Hearts

Art Hearts | shop | Earth Art Studio

Thorny Art Heart ornaments left in the online shop and they are on SALE!

Give your sweetheart something special this Valentines Day with a handmade heart ornament. Only 3 left!


A Year in Review

I’ll be taking the final weeks of the year off from writing blog posts as I let this year settle and start exciting plans for 2023 but I wanted to take the time to do a quick look back at all that has happened this year.

I participated in 6 exhibitions including one solo show and one show I co-created and co-curated. I created a large public art piece and have another in the works. I made ~literally~ thousands of porcelain pieces inspired by plankton and I still have a million ideas for more. And on a personal note, I swam dozens of miles this year in the open ocean, and hiked more miles than I could keep track of. Working hard, playing hard. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

As a reminder, the online shop is always open so take a peek to find something special for yourself or your art loving friends and family. And once again, thank you for your support, it takes a village to raise an artist and I’m grateful that you are my village. Happy Happy, Merry Merry.

Featured Art: Books!

inspiration through exploration softcover | shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Still need a gift?

My three art books, ‘A Relationship with Earth’, ‘Where Art & Nature Meet’ and ‘Inspiration through Exploration’ are available in the online shop and catalog my work from 2009 – 2022.

The latest book ‘Inspiration through Exploration’, is a 112 page, softcover catalog with full color photos of my installations and objects spanning from 2016-2021, including 30 days of ephemeral installations made during the initial quarantine.

Book Bundles are on SALE too! 3 books for only $60 or individually sold for $25 each.

Video: Keeping your art clean

A few people were worried about keeping their sculptures clean and were surprised to find out how I do it. This video shows two wet methods of cleaning your ceramics and I find them to be the most efficient. Either under the faucet at the sink or with the garden hose. Don’t worry ceramic is tough, it can handle it. Then set your pieces on a thick towel to air dry and your art will be sparkling again.

But if you want a dry method, I’d recommend a dry fluffy paintbrush as a great way to remove larger debris like leaves and cobwebs. Then hit them with some canned air to get all the dust off – easy peasy. Hope this helps keep your collection shining!

And the show must come down

After a successful 10 week run, this past Sunday we deinstalled Bodies of Water. Hours and hours of installation was deinstalled and packed up in just a few hours- always amazing to see how fast it all comes down. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see the show and especially to those that purchased pieces!

If you missed the show, please be sure to check out images of it here. Work from this show can still be purchased in the online shop.

Featured Art: In the Field Prints

A selection of prints from the In the Field ephemeral installations are available for sale. These are printed on aluminum and have a floating metal mount on the back for a clean and modern display. Perfect for the art + nature lover on your list!

Bodies of Water Exhibit | Shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


Final Week for Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water | Installations | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

This is it! The show ends Dec 3rd!

This Art + Science based exhibit will sadly conclude this coming Saturday but there is still time to check it out! Best times to be up on the hill and get parking are Thursday evenings or Saturdays. Thank you to everyone who has made it up to see the show!

Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery | University of California Santa Cruz

September 20 – December 3, 2022

Gallery Hours: 12 – 5 Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat & 1:30 – 7 Thurs

A parking pass can be acquired from the kiosk at the Bay St. campus entrance or you can use the Parkmobile app.  Click here for a map.

To purchase work from this exhibit: SHOP HERE