Summer Workshops: Clay Containers

The talented students in my Summer Sculpting Workshops used this great lesson from Ceramic Arts Daily to create handbuilt hexagonal lidded containers. We used a paper template to cut out the main shapes and then attached the walls together and built the lid in the same way. They cut a half circle key to keep the lids from sliding off and then embellished the pieces with decorative cut outs and knobs. The challenge was to keep the walls straight and corners angled just right, I think they did a fantastic job with this project! Thanks to Ceramic Arts Daily and Don Hall for sharing this idea!

Summer Workshops: Clay Containers | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

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2 thoughts on “Summer Workshops: Clay Containers

  1. I love what your doing with the kids!When it comes to websites I have a few linked to the home page on the one that I posted in the website box below. Starting to be more ernest about this one ( just made the resolution to try to post once a week at least)

    1. Thanks Beth! Sometimes it’s difficult to post weekly or daily, but it’s a great way of sharing all the little steps that lead up to the big projects or shows you are doing. B Cr8iv!

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