Make Your Mark

A few rebels have already done it. A few regulars are really tempted.

Now, it’s time for everyone to TAG the TABLE!

Join us at the Annual Spring Studio Sale and get a chance to make your mark!

Saturday April 30th 11 – 4

Make Your Mark | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureAbout the Studio Table aka: Joebob Mesa (yes, my studio table has a name):
At 8′ square, this table dominates the space in my studio and has held up well considering all it has been through over 12 years of use. My husband Nate is over 6′ tall and he designed and built the studio table, which is why it is the perfect height for an over 6′ tall man. What he didn’t realize was that my 5 and 6 year old students were about eye level with the table top, (whoops!) so we ended up getting some very tall stools for these little guys to teeter on. Next time, a lower table is definitely in order!

A few years ago we cut the table down to about 8′ x 7′ to make more walking room around the table. When we started to take it apart, I realized that the side boards had been burnished by hundreds of students hands running over them, it was honestly amazing to look at as a symbol of my time teaching art. And it actually inspired me to invite everyone to sign their name to the table as well. Hope to see you at the studio April 30th from 11 – 4!

Fun Fact: It is very common for clay artists to name their kilns, ours is Fireball, but we also named the throwing wheels; Thing One and Thing Two, the slab roller; Slabby Mc Slabberson and as mentioned above the table is Joebob Mesa. We would’ve named the extruder when it joined the studio this past winter, but it came with the name Super Duper Clay Extruder written right on it and everyone agreed that it really didn’t get better than that.

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