first art show in Mexico is in the books!

Big thank you to all who came out to see this exhibit and gave kind words about my work, it was wonderful meeting so many new people. If you missed it, it was a beautiful afternoon overlooking the desierto y el mar and eventually watching the sun set. Here’s a few pics to inspire you to come out on Saturday April 6th for the closing of this exhibit…

I managed to get four cinderblocks and 20 buckets of rocks up onto the roof to create a level pedestal for my piece. Then we hauled all 100lbs of my sculpture, out of my studio, drove it up the road and carried it up onto the roof and somehow, it all worked out beautifully. My goal was to get the piece to silhouette against the sky and I think that was pretty successful. The acacia branches I inserted into the end of the work, moved and bounced in the wind. And with the blazing sun, we even got some small cracking starting to happen as the raw clay dried rapidly. It will be interesting to see its state by the time of the closing of the show.

A few of the other talented artists’ work in this exhibition…

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  1. Gorgeous, Jenni! Congratulations!

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