Featured Art: Specimen Series


jenni ward ceramic sculpture | specimen series

I love this little set, it reminds me of lacquered bento boxes with bright red chilies sitting in them and this 3 box set is the last of the series. The Specimen Series started when my collection of bones, shells, seed pods, feathers and other nature bits started piling up in my studio. Every hike, I’d come home with something else to add to the collection. So of course these ideas translated into clay and I started making little clay boxes and filling them with weird little forms that reminded me of all of my collected nature bits.

Each box will sit up on edge or can be hung on the wall arranged vertically or horizontally. This set is on sale for only $200 in the online shop but would make a really colorful addition to a small corner of your home. Shipping within the US or local pick up available. SHOP NOW

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