Series Showcase: Hive

The simple hollow cone shapes of the Hive Series, which have one end hand-carved with an abstract hole pattern, have taken many compositions over the years that I’ve worked with them. I have always loved the way that the pieces seem to interact and talk to each other which creates a dynamic energy in the finished work. The same pieces were used in the hanging installations as in the In the Field clusters but each of those compositions has a very different feel to it. I enjoy being able to play with placement of wall, pedestal, suspended, interior or exterior options as way of physically experimenting with the same body of work.
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | hive series | in the field installation Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | installations | residentialJenni Ward ceramic sculpture | hive series Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | hive series






Conceptually, the Hive Series installations are an expression of the energy between opposing forces. In nature, a hive illustrates the natural balance between strength and fragility, curiosity and avoidance, security and vulnerability. In these arrangements, these concepts are explored using a geometric configuration of multiple ceramic forms. The combination of these elements create an abstract interpretation of a hive structure both physically and conceptually.

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | hive series Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | hive series Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | hive seriesJenni Ward ceramic sculpture | installations | residential







These pieces have been beautifully installed in large museum spaces, small galleries, private homes, gardens and a redwood forest. While many arrangments of the Hive Series pieces have already been sold, there are still over 200 parts waiting to find the right home. If you are interested in working with me to create an installation in your home, garden or commercial space, please contact me to discuss the options- I’d love to work with you!

when you marry an artist

I’m not sure if my amazing husband Nate realized exactly how many times he’d help pack art, put up/take down signs and how many weekends and nights he’d be giving up for art shows and openings when we first got married. Afterall, I don’t help him with his job, nor does his job infringe on our weekend plans, but I guess this is what happens when you marry an artist. For better or worse, Nate has helped me put on a show at our home studio space every 6 months for the past 11 years, not to mention the countless off site exhibits we’ve installed and de-installed. In the studio, he’s used his carpentry skills to build nearly every shelf, table and fixture as well as the pedestals for shows. And he’s my biggest cheerleader when it comes to supporting my art career.

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | when you marry an artist
building out the studio
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | when you marry an artist
pedestal install and securing art
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | when you marry an artist
signs going up for Open Studios









While Nate is a proficient potter, he would not concider himself an artist. Yet, he often jokes that he is the Jeanne-Claude to my Christo referring to the husband and wife art team Christo & Jeanne-Claude. Jeanne-Claude once told art critic Calvin Tomkins, “I was not an artist when I married Christo, but I became one. If Christo had been a dentist, I would have become a dentist.”
Perhaps Nate is an artist-in-training??

Last weekend at our annual Spring Studio Sale, I watched him engage kids in an art activity, direct patrons to make sure they saw all the art, pack up sold work, replenish snacks and help solve technical glitches amongst a million other things. Artists spend so much time working alone that I often feel like my art business is a one-woman-show but after nearly 16 years of being together, I couldn’t imagine putting together an event or exhibit without him.

A very grateful thank you to all the spouses, partners and friends that make it possible for all of us artists to thrive!

Studio Sale Success!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support independent artists and student artists at our 10th annual Spring Studio Sale this past Saturday!!! Earth Art Studio student artists sold $475.00 worth of art alone, which allows for us to make a $47.50 donation to The Homeless Garden Project! In addition, many of my pieces from my Nest Series, Seed Pod Series & Bone Series found their way to new happy homes!  And I was able to showcase a new installation formation from my Bone Series and Hive Series.  AND… a big congratulations to Kim Bierman who was the winner of the raffle this year!!!

I was really busy and didn’t get to take too many photos, but if you missed the sale, here are a few images to give you the vibe of the event and remember that you can always make an appointment to visit the studio anytime. Thank you!!!

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | studio sale success
new Bone Series installation
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | studio sale success
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | studio sale success
Van Gogh inspired student sunflower installation
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | studio sale success
earth art studio banner








Repost: Have you collected art from me?

I’m reposting this because I’ve loved seeing images of my art in your space come in! Keep um coming! 

When you come to the studio to buy art or order art online at the shop, I pack it up and happily send it on its way to you but rarely do I get to see where my art ends up and lives out the rest of its life. Will you show me?

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | have you collected art from me?If you’ve collected my art, this is a call for you to send me photos of where you’ve put my art in your home or garden space. I would love to share your photos here on a future blog post. I’m hoping to inspire others to see how art can enhance their space and make everything just feel good. I know that we don’t need art in the same way that we need food and clothing but I really believe that we need art to help us feel connected to others and the world at large. My home isn’t filled with stuff (I’m a minimalist at heart!) but it does have its fair share of art and those pieces are thoughtfully collected and some of the most important things that I own. Surrounding myself with art instead of stuff, means that everything has a story, a place or a person attached to it and I love that. I hope that my work gives you the same feeling and becomes a connected part of your home and life.  I’m looking forward to seeing our photos of my work in their new homes!

A few photo specs:
Take a minute to look at your lighting and shadows and try to capture your shot at the best timing for lighting. Please make sure your photos are in focus. Move extraneous stuff (water bottle, tv remote etc…) out of the shot. I will resize and edit the photos for you, so just send me what you’ve got (original size) and also let me know if its ok to use your name along with your photos in my future posts and any other info you want to share about the pieces you’ve collected. Please email your photos to

Sunflower Installation

My students have been working on a special Van Gogh inspired sunflower installation that will debut at the Spring Studio Sale. Here are just a few teaser photos of the work in progress but be sure to come by on Saturday from 11- 4 to check out the whole installation. The kids will be busy glazing away this week to have everything ready in time.

And remember that all of these beautiful flowers will be for sale!

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | sunflower installation Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | sunflower installation Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | sunflower installation









seed bomb workshop

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | projects | homeless garden projectThis Friday May 1st, The Homeless Garden Project will be hosting First Friday activities at their downtown store. My studio assistants Nina Hipkins and Hong Liu will be running a seed bomb making workshop at the store as a special mother’s day treat. Using clay, compost and wildflower seeds you can form the materials into creative creations that once planted or ‘bombed’ into the garden, will create beautiful blooms for years to come. We made these seed bombs last year and it was a great success. So, go get your hands dirty and make something sweet for your mama! I’ll be at the studio getting things ready for our Studio Sale the next day, have fun for me!

Friday, May 1st, 6-8 pm at the downtown store just off of Abbott Sq.
Eats, Drinks & Mother’s Day Activities
Live Music: Singer-Songwriter Jessie Marks.
Special presentation 6:30: Feed 2 Bird