off to the galvy!

All of the metal parts for A Feast of Flowers have been fabricated and are now on a field trip to the galvanizer. Huge thanks to Kirk McNeill for helping load them up and to Fox Welding for transporting them for me. It was quite a puzzle getting them to fit onto the truck and arrange them to be safely transported. Although it may look like a daddy long leg spider convention on the back of the truck, we figured it out.

Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that they make the journey to the zinc dip and back to the studio again without incident. I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll look with the patina that will go over the zinc coating. Always an adventure making art!

nuevo estudio en el desierto!

I’ve shared that I’m moving my studio south of the border, but I haven’t shared pics of my new studio actually being built yet and some of you have been asking about the progress, so here ya go…

We worked with architect Kevin Wickham of Taller de Terreno Arquitectura to create this unique space. Here’s his model of the space, the big open windows will face our huge ocean views and look out over the small arroyo that runs through our property.

So far our builder has cleared the site, transplanted the trees that were in the way to another area of the property and has started building the footprint of the space, which will be a huge open space with a small baño and mini-kitchen with a long deck that runs the length of the building. We will also have a shipping container for more tools and storage alongside the building. Since we will be entirely off the grid here, we will add a solar system for power and a cistern for trucked in water added as well. I’m really excited to see this nearly 900 sq ft space take shape, here’s a few pics…

only 3 left in the shop

I’ve been busy getting the studio set up for Open Studios this October and wanted to share that there are only 3 framed Bone Series pieces left available. The two squares (seen in this photo) are 30″ x 30″ x 1″ and the last rectangle is 48″ x 24″ x 1″.

With their balance of organic and geometric shapes and amazing shadows these guys make really striking additions to any space. They can hang flush mounted on the wall or be suspended with cables to float off the wall.

Check out seeing them in situ, here, here and here for some ideas of what they can do to your space!


new residential installations

I have been so lucky to have collectors that give my art beautiful homes to live in. I spent a few days getting these last four pieces from the Vine Series and a framed Bone Series piece installed in their custom log cabin. This client has work from nearly every series I’ve created and I love how it looks as if every piece was designed specifically for their space.

Created in 2005, the Vine Series is practically vintage at this point, but they’ve never lost their luster for me. They grew outside my garage studio walls for years and I always loved having them there. Inspired by my time living in the woods, where the forest would take over and wrap around anything unmaintained or that stayed still for too long. I thought of these sculptures as if they were creatures with spines that allowed them to grow and move across the walls. Love that these guys get to live out their days here!

Looking for something unique for your space? Click here for some inspiration…

Outside Scoop: 26

This week, outside the studio…

spent our 20th wedding anniversary weekend in SF and walked the bridge

The Outside Scoop is a weekly blog series that shares a little bit of what’s going on in my life outside of the studio. Please feel free to leave comments, I look forward to chatting with you here!

Awesome Santa Cruz awards it’s sixth winner

The Santa Cruz Chapter of the Awesome Foundation picked its sixth winner! We love reviewing these amazing, creative ideas – keep them coming Santa Cruz! $1000 micro-grants are given out monthly.

Congrats to Lola Britton for their community project, Sensory Mural for Mar Vista Elementary! Click here to learn more about this project.

Got an Awesome idea that needs a little funding? Pitch it here!

umbels are on the move

With the flower heads finished, they made the big move from Freedom Forge to Earth Art Studio which is really just a quick forklift trip from one end of our building to the other! When I thought the studio couldn’t get any fuller, we somehow squeezed in 6 gigantic flowers into my space so that Kirk has more room in his studio to work on the stems.

Everything still needs to be galvanized and given a patina, but I had to test out putting the ceramic elements onto the flowerhead forms to make sure the spacing was correct and that everything was looking good. Meanwhile Kirk started tacking the sections of the stems together. It took a few tries to get the angles just right but as soon as it started looking like a Dr Seuss tree, we knew we had it right. The final welds will create a smoother transition between each section. We’re so close to seeing what these guys are actually going to look like!

umbels are on the move | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Anyone recognize that art?

Pretty cool right? I’m humbled and excited that my work was chosen for the cover of the Open Studios catalog this year. What a way to celebrate my 18th and last year participating!

This photo is actually from a few years ago but I’ve continued work on the Umbel Series and will have some Umbels available for sale at Open Studios. See y’all in October!

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