work in progress: lichen installation

Just a quick update on the Lichen Series: Spore Pattern installation that’s going to be installed in the Price Sculpture Forest this summer. I’ve been steadily building pieces in the studio and decided that I had enough to start laying them out on the floor of the studio. These are all in various stages of drying, firing and glazing but laying them out gives me a good idea of how many more I need to make and what the final piece will look like.

work in progress: lichen installation | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

The large circle in the center photo above is about 10 feet across with a 1 foot center opening and there are almost 200 pieces placed down. I’d like the final piece to be about 2 feet wider, and there are still some holes to fill with parts, so I’m estimating that I’ll need to double the amount of parts but I’m getting closer to the finish line. Can’t wait to see it all together and installed!

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2 thoughts on “work in progress: lichen installation

  1. Amazing to see your creative process underway and the concept steadily coming together, Jenni! Thank you for your interesting updates.

    1. Thanks Scott! I’m excited about this piece coming together!

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