What’s going on in the studio

Last week I didn’t add one post to The Dirt, which has become a pretty rare thing these days but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t busy with both work in the studio and out exploring in nature. So to catch you up, here’s what’s going on in the studio…

I’m working on three series at a time here, as pictured below. The Bone Series discs are now being framed up into smaller compositions of the weblike structures that I’ve done in the past and I’m thrilled with the way these are turning out! The Umbel Series is in experiment mode, I’m trying to create a dandelion flower structure using high temperature wire, this one is in the kiln right now, so fingers crossed it survives. And lastly, I’m working on the Lichen Series, these ceramic pieces are being attached to live edge walnut wood planks, the wood is sealed with a matte stain and will eventually be mounted into metal fabricated stands so that they are standing trees and you’ll be able to walk around them. All of these works will be ready for their debut this October for Open Studios, looking forward to showing them off to you then!

What's Going on in the Studio? | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture
And as far as adventures go, I had to deliver work to the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art for the Sculpture Slam 2017 exhibit so we made a weekend trip out of driving down there and did some off roading in the van which led to an epic campsite high above the fog of Big Sur. Hoping to get a few more adventure weekends like this in, maybe bringing some art with me to photograph in nature. Loving how exploration seeds the inspiration!

What's Going on in the Studio? | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

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