Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureBeing an artist, you need to wear many, many hats. Sometimes you need to wear them all at the same time, from maker to marketer, it can get tricky. This week, I spent 6+ days wearing my tech hat trying to get my website security certificate back on line. A few years ago I didn’t even know what an SSL certificate was but now I’m trying to fix one. This basically means that every time you purchase art off my site, your purchase is secure. For the past 6 days though if you visited my site, you got a scary blazing warning to go back if you want to avoid being hacked. This is not a good thing.

So sparing you the techy details, as of right now, all is safe again at, so feel free to buy art to your hearts content and know that your purchases are secure. Thanks for your patience if you visited my site over the past week.

Now, I will take my tech hat off and get back into maker mode. Yay!


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2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. You rock! I am so proud of you :)

    1. I wanted to call you so many times, but I knew I could battle this one on my own! : )

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