Taller de Terreno y Cascabel Mountain Collective

ABC Art Baja Exhibition at Taller de Terreno with Cascabel Mountain Collective

March 16th 2024 | 4 – 7

Taller de Terreno | Las Playitas, Todos Santos BCS

Excited to be included in this show, which will be my very first exhibit in Mexico. I’ll be contributing a site-specific, ephemeral work in raw clay that responds to the architecture of the structure it sits on, as well as the environmental elements of the desert that it dwells in.

About the exhibit: Cascabel Mountain and Taller de Terreno invite you to a unique art exhibition in the desert’s serene environment, merging intellect with art through sculptural explorations inspired by Zen philosophy and land art. This event explores the transformative power of space on the mind, presenting sculptures as catalysts for new perspectives and ways of thinking. It emphasizes the intentional shaping of consciousness through the art of architecture, inviting you to experience and contribute to a collective revolution in mental and spatial architecture.

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