So much gratitude for all 900 of you that came through my studio this during this years Open Studios Art Tour. It’s a lot of work to prep for this event but your conversations, thoughtful compliments and purchases make it all worth it! I hope you loved seeing my latest work from the Bone and Umbel Series, it was so fun to have a custom blue wall in the studio and watch you take selfies and family photos in front of it.

Don’t be a stranger throughout the rest of the year, we can keep in touch via social media, by signing up for my email list , do your holiday shopping on the online shop or just make an appointment to visit the studio – I’d love to see you!

Fennel Umbels Almost Done!

I’m hoping to have this piece done to share at Open Studios this weekend, but at the very least, it will be a work in progress to share! I’m really excited about the final steel form that my husband designed and adding on the ceramic flower heads makes it even better. I’m in the process of epoxying on each flower, sanding the connection point to create an even flow between the steel and ceramic and then painting the epoxy to match. It’s a time consuming process but of sanding and adding epoxy, but it’s worth all the effort in the end.

Hope you come see this piece this weekend!

Work in Progress: Fennel Umbels

I’ve been wanting to make Fennel shaped umbel flowers for a long time now, I love their upside down umbrella structure with little bulbs of color on the ends of each pedicel. So I’ve collaborated again with my husband Nate to try to figure out how to weld up a steel structure for the ceramic flower heads to attach to. It’s still a work in progress but I’m really excited to get these assembled. Here’s what we’ve got going so far…

The main steel structure is designed to have 18 points and then each ceramic flower head has 18 smaller points and each of those has 18 points, so that the whole structure is a repetition of itself. Patterns like these are found all over in nature but I also love that each piece in individual and unique at the same time.

Scenes from the Studio…

Been getting things ready for Open Studios this October, here’s a sneak peek at a few of the treats in store for you!

Hope you can join me Oct 9, 10, 16 & 17 from 11- 5 at 2523 C Mission St Santa Cruz California

It Arrived!

My third art catalog ‘inspiration through exploration’ has just arrived!

It will be available at Open Studios this October and in the online shop soon!

Introducing Bowie!

Our newest studio mate has arrived!

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a furry companion in the studio but we’re so happy to welcome Bowie into our pack. He’s a rescued 8 month old mix of shepherd, husky and cattle dog (we think!). He’s super sweet, smart and full of puppy love.

Hope you get to meet him in person soon!

out with the old, in with the new… kiln!

Very excited to announce that I’ve just installed a new (to me) larger kiln in the studio! I was able to buy it used from another artist who was downsizing their studio. My husband named the new kiln Hugo because well… it’s huge! Can’t wait to start loading it and firing it up!

This means that I’m now selling my older big kiln, details are below if anyone is interested in it!

For Sale
Used Skutt Automatic KM-1027

208 V
31.7 Amps
3 Phase
2350 F/ Cone 10 Max
7 cu ft
23 x 23 x 27d (opening)


2 Full Shelves, 5 Half Shelves, Large Selection of Posts, ~10’ of Wire, Receptacle, 40 Amp Breaker for Square D Box.

New elements, Thermocouple, Relay Switches, Plug and Receptacle.
Some damage to bricks, missing/broken peep hole plugs, has envirovent but doesn’t work- could possibly be fixed.

work in progress: lichen series spore patterns

Now that the ceramic parts for this site specific installation are completed, it’s time to start working on the infrastructure. Each of the ceramic pieces will be epoxied to a steel rod that will be anchored into the ground supporting the pieces and also allowing them to float off the ground about a foot. This will give an ethereal vibe to the piece while also allowing the forest floor room to regrow beneath the work.

There are over 300 parts but about half of them are large enough that they require two rods to support them, so that totals to approximately 450 rods that need to be fabricated, plus some extras of course. I ordered 1300′ of steel rod that needs to be cut into 30″ lengths, the ends are ground so they are not sharp and then I’m welding on a washer to the end of each rod where the ceramic piece will rest and be epoxied to the rod. It’s simple, but it is A LOT of parts to make.

I’ve also started to pack up all the parts and make lists of everything I’ll need to bring with me for the installation. And trying to prepare and plan for all the ‘what ifs’ that might happen. Luckily, I can already tell that I’ve got a great team meeting me on site and that even if all doesn’t go as planned, we’re going to make it work and make it beautiful!

Installation is now officially scheduled for early August, and I’ll be posting the progress on my Instagram feed if you want to follow along.