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It’s been such a long time since I’ve actually made anything with clay that I thought it was deserving of it’s own blog post!

As I’ve noted in previous posts, my new studio doesn’t have power, water or sewer set up yet or even doors and windows but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t make something with clay. So I dragged out a bag and got started. It’s hard to jump back into making the serious stuff, so I started with a brand new batch of Art Hearts since they were completely sold out at my Open Studios in October. It’s a great was to get my hands dirty without having to think too much about what I’m making.

The best part is that hours flew by and I hardly thought of anything else but the making process. It’s so great to get back into that flow state. I also started a few prototypes for some outdoor lights that I want to make and some signage for around the studio. I’m also thinking about making parts for a gate, which could be really fun if the ideas all work out. So, lots of fun and random projects are starting to brew in the studio and you really can’t beat the view!

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2 thoughts on “back at it

  1. Hooray Jenny, SO WONDERFUL seeing this, and so happy for you. It all looks heavenly!! Looking forward to more posts, you two never cease to AMAZE me!! Love your work and love that your are living your dreams. ✨️ 💕 xo

    1. Thanks Kathy! It’s an adventure for sure!

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