rock candy series | joshua tree national park ca

The rock candy series is inspired by the flow of water and magma and how those forces shape the land. The angled ceramic shapes juxtapose the smoothness of the rock while the brightly colored pieces contrast the natural tones of the landscape bringing awareness to the negative space of the crack. I imagine that these pieces are like the inside of a geode tucked into a rough outer shell that when cracked open reveal these bright gems; irresistible to touch. This piece was temporarily installed in a rock fissure at Joshua Tree National Park. Each piece is built hollow and paddled into its gem like shape by hand, they can also be mounted on a wall for an interior installation. The pieces range in size from 2″x 2″ x 2″ to 9″x 6″x 6″. Each piece is hand-built from high fired stoneware and is original and unique.