Opt Outside

opt outside | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

Ok, so it’s ‘black friday’, perhaps the stupidest made up day ever but as a small business owner and artist I’d love to tell you to go BUY ART! I’d love to pitch why my art is the perfect gift for all the creative people on your list and how important it is to support small businesses and local artists. And I really do believe that and I really do love to give and get art as a gift but today I’m not going to do that.

Instead, I will be outside hiking, sleeping in my tent and cooking over a camp stove and I hope that you get a chance to do all or part of that too. The hashtag #optoutside created by REI is something I can get behind. As an artist, connecting with nature and being inspired by nature is what it’s all about. Gift shopping can wait, so I encourage you all to #optoutside today!

See ya out there!

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