Lichen Series | New In the Field Installation

This past weekend, I spent the better part of Saturday in the forest with my amazing team of art sherpas, videographers and photographers installing a new In The Field piece from the Lichen Series. We packed up over 50lbs of ceramic sculpture parts and all the gear to hike into an area of the forest I had scoped out weeks earlier. The recent rains storms had flooded the creek making for a trickier crossing than anticipated but we were able to cross with everything in tact and dry gear. Shaded under the redwood canopy, the contrast of the white glazed surface of the pieces against the dark forest floor made the installation appear to glow- it was a beautiful! A portfolio page and new video will be launched soon with details of this installation but until then, here’s just a sneak peek of what we did…

Sneak Peek: New In the Field Installation | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

photo credit: Sequoia Kimmel

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4 thoughts on “Lichen Series | New In the Field Installation

  1. I’m lichening it!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks Ernie! ; )

  2. SO fabulous! I love your environmental installations a la Andy Goldsworthy, but even better because it’s clay!

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