hurricanes, gators, oh my!

No one said installing public art on the other side of the country was going to be an easy feat, but I really didn’t expect a hurricane to play a part in my plans. And truth be told, I consider myself extremely lucky; one, we did not get caught in a hurricane, our flight arrived without drama, and despite shipping the crates out of the studio later than I planned annnd Hurricane Dorian closing the university for a few days delaying the crates delivery to the university, it all ended up working out just on time and we are officially on schedule- whew!

Today, I met onsite with the scaffold company as they got their final measurements and plan for exactly how to get me and my art 20+ feet up in the air. Scaffolding will be installed tomorrow while we unpack the crates and start to prep the templates. Can’t wait to see the art go up in the next week!

hurricanes, gators, oh my! | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

In the lead up waiting for art to arrive, I spent my time taking in the flora, fauna and culture of Florida. The above photos show an amazing black bat flower growing in my friends yard, just one of the many kilns at the Morean Center for Clay and close up encounters with gators at Gatorland before we got down to business meeting the crates of art and the scaffold installers.

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