Holiday Shopping…Why buy Art?

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | holiday shopping...why buy art?I know Halloween just passed and it’s barely Thanksgiving but with the pressure of holiday decorations looming in every store, I wanted to share why I think it’s so important to buy less, buy local and support artists. I’m a minimalist at heart and when I’m gift giving for holidays or birthdays, I usually give things-to-do instead of things-to-have but sometimes it’s just more appropriate to give a thing, in which case I usually give art, plants or food. I know its easier to pick out the decorative candle in your friends favorite color than it is to pick out a small watercolor painting of your friends favorite flower, but isn’t that what gift giving should be about- taking the time to find something special, not just some thing. Art doesn’t have to be an expensive item, most artists have work in a wide price range, offer gift certificates or sell affordable prints of their originals. Buying from local artists helps your money stay within your community, keeps artists employed and with the gift of art, you can share the art, the artist and the story behind the art with your friends and family. This year, I encourage you to reach out to your favorite artists and find out what they have available and shop in the galleries or retail stores that carry locally made items because as the saying goes, the earth without art is just ‘eh’.


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