Featured Art: Relic Series

Help me make room in the studio for more art!

There are 3 huge Relic Series pieces that are not in the online shop but they are available for pickup! They would look amazing in a zen garden space, accompanying a water feature or nestled into a mossy shade garden. Loops of hand-built stoneware are tied together with sinew and have an red iron wash finish on them giving the surface a metallic look.

They are each approximately 36″ long by 24″ high and about 16″ deep, they have slate stone bases and are all suitable for outdoor display. Make an appointment to come by the studio to see them in person, they are priced at $1200 each or $3000 for all three -that’s a huge savings and a great deal! If you need them shipped, I’d be happy to get a quote for you. Also a reminder that there are still 3 mini Relic Series pieces that are in the online shop if you need a smaller version for your space.

Click here to see this original ephemeral installation of these pieces!

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