Featured Art: Lichen Series

The Lichen Series Installation is composed of 9 vertical stalk shaped structures that are segmented into 9 pieces, three from the series are pictured here. Each of the parts has a variety of ceramic lichen pieces emerging from and fused to them that contrast with the dark stalk structures.

Featured Art: Lichen Series | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture
This installation was originally showcased at the Ceramics Annual of America exhibit in San Francisco and now are on display in my studio. The work conjures up images of a forest after a fire when the green and lushness is gone but life is still present. This series plays with ideas of death and regrowth, the power of negative space and the contrast of dark and light.

These pieces are hand-built and hand-carved from high fired stoneware and each piece is original and unique. For more images of this installation…

Lichen Series, 81 piece wall mounted ceramic installation, 84″ x 120″ x 9″, 2013, $2000/stalk. Contact Jenni for purchase & installation details

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