featured art: bone series medusas and urchins

The Bone Series is focused on the remains of a form. The pieces imply what is left after the flesh is gone or pieces that need to be reassembled to understand what once was. These sculptures take their forms from the skeletal structures of radiolarians and the movements of jellyfish. They are made with very thin pieces of nearly translucent porcelain and some with high temperature wire that give movement and breathe life into the skeletal structures.

Fun Facts that inspire my work:

About Jellyfish: Jellyfish have been a part of the marine ecosystem for over 500 million years and they have no plan to depart. They love warm waters and can handle low oxygen environments, which means that rising ocean temperatures and higher acidification levels the ocean is becoming a place where jellyfish thrive. Overfishing of jellyfish predators like tuna and swordfish adds to their population and this makes some scientistic think that jellyfish just might take over the world… or at least the ocean. Anybody want to go for a swim?

About Radiolarians: Radiolarians are not well understood but are thought to hold clues to the evolution of life on Earth, as well as be an insight into changing climate conditions. They absorb carbon from the atmosphere when alive and trap it as they sink to the deep sea floor when they die. They have existed for at least 550 million years and are found in all the world’s oceans at all depths but many populations are declining due to warming temperatures.

You can shop for some of these pieces in person at Radius Gallery in Santa Cruz and some are available in my online shop

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