Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | dammitAnyone who has ever worked with clay knows that it’s a love/hate relationship.

There are no guarantees of what will happen in the building process, the drying process, the kiln firing process, the glazing process, and not to mention any other random accidental events. While you can build your skill level and knowledge of your material to get an edge on most of these problems, there will always be that time you push the material farther than it wants to go and usually it will win. Despite all this, I still keep coming back to clay.

There is something about this uncertainty and lack of total control that is luring and downright in-your-face challenging. That said…

Today’s score: Clay 1, Jenni 0

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2 thoughts on “dammit…

  1. Oh, boo! But, on the bright side, the “veining” on the inside is stunning!

    1. Thanks, I think I trapped an air bubble between the veins and the outer wall… Rookie move… :/

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