Commission Installed!

I’m so pleased with my latest commission installation in the Arias-Kolb home here in Santa Cruz California. They do have quite a few of my other pieces but this one was a team effort. Susana had originally purchased a selection of my yellow Umbel flowers from the Art in the Arboretum exhibit hoping to create a mini installation in her garden but she couldn’t find just the right place for them. Then she saw my oversized Umbel installation for a public art project in Sweden and realized the vision for all her small Umbels. So my husband Nate welded the structure, I epoxied all of the smaller flowers onto the ends, Susana’s husband Steve assembled the ‘stem’ and base for the sculpture and we installed it in their garden next to the banana trees. Even in winter, it looks like an exotic tropical flower mixed in among the living plants and will thrive even more as the garden comes to life again in spring.

Thank you to the Arias-Kolb family for giving me the opportunity to create this fun sculpture!

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