…until the ‘pretty-much-never-happens-sale’ comes to an end. All of the smaller works were snatched up in minutes but there are still 7 pieces from the framed Bone Series still available. And I get it, they’re bigger ticket items, they take up more space, you’ve got to think about it a little longer before investing in a larger more expensive pieces of art- totally understandable. BUT, if you’ve been thinking about collecting these pieces, I promise you that they will never be more affordable than right now- you could even think of it as a BOGO sale and it will only last until the end of March.

ps: need to set up a payment plan to acquire these guys? no problem, just drop me an email and we’ll make it happen!

Shopping online….

Most of us buy everything online from cars to deodorant, so why not art?

I know it can be scary to buy things site unseen, but if you buy art from my online shop and you decide that you don’t like it or it just wasn’t what you thought it was, you have 7 days to return it, no problem. Also, if you have questions, want to see more photos of the piece, or want to set up a payment plan, no problem – just drop me an email and I’d be happy to work with you.

In addition to the insane Bone Series sale going on, there are quite a few items available in the online shop that are looking for happy homes. There is only one piece from the Nest Series left, three Hive Series, four from the Specimen Series, and a selection of Rock Candy pieces. As I mentioned before, I will not be participating in the Santa Cruz County Open Studios event this October, so this is really a great opportunity to collect some new work!

where art & nature meet exhibit | installations | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

If you are local you can chose free pick up at the studio and if you order over $900 worth of art, you qualify for free shipping!


dem bones… are on sale!

I was astounded that my month long Bone Series sale lasted all of one day, but I’m so happy all of the work went to new happy homes .

I also want to announce that I just took down an exhibit and more Bone Series pieces returned to the studio so they are now up on the website and ON SALE 50% OFF for the rest of the month! If you’ve had your eye on one of these guys, they will never be more affordable to add to your collection than right now!

Bone Series | Shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

All of these pieces are oversized and qualify for flat rate shipping or free local pick up.

Start collecting here…

Reminder! Closing of Take Aways: Art to Go!

Take advantage of your last opportunity to experience this exhibit chock full of fabulous local art work! New pieces have been added throughout the exhibit so there’s lots of new work to check out and make sure to purchase your raffle tickets.

A few of these collaborative necklaces made with my ceramics and Jamie Abbott’s metal parts are still available! And I have Rock Candy pieces available for mixing and matching to create your own composition of color! Hope to see you there!!!

March 10th 2 – 4 pm | PVAC Gallery | 37 Sudden St Watsonville CA


wow, is about all I can say… and well, thank you!

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | shop | bone series

If you missed your monthly email blast this March, I did a very unusual thing and put all my work from the Bone Series on sale. Within hours of sending out my email blast, half of my work was sold. By the end of the day only one piece remained.

I was hoping to clear out some of my inventory from the online shop and the studio but I did not expect it all to go at once. So a big thank you to everyone who adopted new art and congrats for being the fastest online art shoppers! To those of you that missed it or missed out on getting the sculptures you had your eye on, as I mentioned there is just one lonely guy (whom I happen to love! ) still left in the shop and nobody likes getting picked last, so someone give this baby a happy home!

And, pay attention to your emails because maybe we’ll do this again someday!

the last of the nest series!

The last two pieces from the limited edition – made in iceland nests are now available in the online shop! These guys may be small but they have a lot of visual energy balancing on their pokey points! They are only $65 each and they won’t last long – click the link to make them yours… SHOP NOW

Nest Series made in iceland | shop | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture