Artists Sharing Artists: JB Boyd

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know JB. We grew up together, skiing in the winters in Vermont and scheming adventures in the summers in New Jersey. We go years without seeing each other in person and when we are reunited it’s like no time has passed. I know I can count on him to say yes to any adventure and he is always the first person to make snow angels with me, even if there’s no snow. He’s a lifelong, long lost friend and a crazy talented landscape painter too.

On first glance, you’d swear he was a photographer not a painter. His attention to detail and patience throughout the process of bringing his paintings to life continually astound me. When you scan his horizon format paintings, some of which are only 3 inches high but nearly 6 feet long, you feel there, immersed in the space, seeing it through his eyes. Diving into his seascapes seems like a perfectly reasonable option, it’s as if you’re looking through a window out to the glistening ocean. JB’s work is represented by Robert Lange Studio if you want to add a new piece to your collection, I know it’s a life goal for me! Check out the video below to see his process and learn more…

JB in his former studio at RLS Gallery

About JB Boyd’s work: Focusing on the Lowcountry as a subject, Boyd’s paintings start with photographs, or more accurately, the journey to reach the photograph site. Boyd uses boats, ladders, trees and whatever else he can find and/or trespass on to create a unique perspectives. Perched twenty feet above the flat expanse of the marsh, or lying belly down in the mud, Boyd photographs in series to create a 360º view. Then, back in his studio, he arranges, crops, and edits these photographs to make a singular image. Using the image as a reference, his oil paintings are built up layer by layer, with each subsequent layer tightening the detail presented.

Learn more at JB’s website or follow him on Instagram, Facebook or You Tube

To purchase his work, contact Robert Lange Studios

Artists Sharing Artists: is a series of posts where I share some of my favorite artists who are also inspired by nature and use their art to protect what they love. More artists coming soon…

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