art orphan…

When you work in a series, it’s always a little sad to have that one last piece that just hasn’t found it’s home yet. Such is the case with this last piece from the Lichen Series | Walnut Trees, it is an art orphan still looking for a happy home.

I created three of these pieces using slabs of California Black Walnut that came from a fallen tree in downtown Santa Cruz. I had custom steel bases fabricated to hold the slabs and made hundreds of small ceramic forms to attach to the wood. The ceramic forms were inspired by a type of shelf fungus often found on decaying wood. The ceramic pieces follow the curves and flow of the woodgrain on both sides of the planks giving movement to the otherwise rooted pieces. They are large and stately but only take up about one square foot of space, they are modern and rustic to fit with any style home and honestly; these are some of my favorite pieces I have made and I can’t believe this one hasn’t found a home yet.

Two of them are homed in Los Gatos and this one is still available for purchase. If you’re interested please contact me at

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