My Art, Your Home: Dalzell Family

So, full disclosure, I was a ‘Dalzell’. Yup, these are my parents and they are supporters of the arts (including my art!). I got to take a snapshot of one of my newest pieces in their home when I was back visiting a few weeks ago. This one is from the Rock Candy Series and while I designed these to be wall mounted, they look great as a centerpiece for a table too. My parents live along a waterway that leads out to the bay and they’ve decorated with lots of underwater themed art work and colors, so the driftwood in these pieces goes perfectly with the feel of their home.

My Art, Your Home: Dalzell Family | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

If you’d like to see the last few in this series, they are available in person at Good Life Ceramics Gallery or in the online shop.

I love seeing where my art ends up and hearing why you connect with a piece. If you have some of my work that you’d like to share, please email me! Thanks for sharing!



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