What am I forgetting?

The question everyone asks themselves before they embark on a trip, right?

What am I forgetting…

What am I forgetting? | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculptureOver the past few months, I’ve really been focused on two major things going on in and out of the studio. One is my solo show at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in Oregon and the other is planning an epic month long trip to Bhutan, India and Nepal. Both are projects steeped in details, research and time. So right now with about 2 weeks to go and just a few things still to cross off my to-do list, I’m asking myself ‘What am I forgetting?’

My eight foot square studio table is piled with all the art, photos, tools, hardware and pedestals that will make up my show. Somehow all of that will fit into my van and make the journey up to Grants Pass where it will magically turn into an exhibition of six installations in just 4 days. I keep looking at this pile on the table and doubting myself that I’ve planned the space well, or that I’ve measured wrong or forgotten something and there will be a glaring hole in my exhibit where art should be. Not to mention the chance of breakage in transit or installation. At this point, I’m trying to trust that I’ve done this before, that my lists are long and thorough and I’m reminding myself that drywall screws can be bought in Grants Pass too if I run out.

The show will open on the First Friday in April and just two short days later, I’ll be on a plane on the way to Bhutan. It’s obviously not an ideal amount of turnaround time between these two major events, but it is what it is. So with 4 Visas issued, 6 different flights booked, and miles of training hikes under my boots already, fingers crossed that I’m ready for whatever I’ve forgotten.

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