Video: Virtually Meeting the Artists

When you go visit the Price Sculpture Forest and start to explore the trails and sculptures, you’ll also want to log on to their wifi. Normally you’d think about your time in the forest being a tech-free space but here, each piece of art has a QR code on the sign for the artwork. If you scan the code with your phone, it will launch you to a webpage about the artist, their work and a video of them sharing their work in their own words- it’s kind of like getting a personal virtual tour by each artist as you make your way from piece to piece. It is such a great way to get more out of your visit and to explore the meaning, methods and concepts behind each of the sculptures. Below is my video….enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Video: Virtually Meeting the Artists

  1. Beautiful! And it is in the perfect environment to show its unique qualities.

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