the outside scoop: 9

This week, outside the studio…

I walk Westcliff and Seabright areas daily with my dog but one of my favorite urban hikes is going lighthouse to lighthouse and back. It takes you on the cliffs, through the boardwalk, across the river, through neighborhoods and onto the beach, a little bit of everything in one long walk. Someday I’m going to plan a swim from lighthouse to lighthouse… stay tuned for that one!
When the water and the air are about the same temperature, you know you’re in for a cold morning swim but it’s sooooo pretty!
me: realizing my husband is taking pictures of me picking up trash at our campsite from previous visitors
him: this is good for your blog, it’s what you care about, you should share this part too
me: grumbling about how much humans suck and why can’t people pack their own trash out

**we packed out more trash from others than we made ourselves, seriously people – protect these places and leave no trace**
It’s the best time of year to hike Big Sur, when the temperature has dropped to keep you from nearly dying on the exposed very, very steep hillsides. This area burned in the Dolan Fire in 2020 and is just starting to recover.
the coastal mountain are so thigh burning steep but you can’t beat the views from the top.

The Outside Scoop is a weekly blog series that shares a little bit of what’s going on in my life outside of the studio. Please feel free to leave comments, I look forward to chatting with you here!

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