The Business of Art

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | the business of artIt’s hard to make art. It’s hard to get your art shown. And it’s really hard to sell your art. As much as some of my peers say how great I am at marketing, I wasn’t taught the business side of things in art school, I’m always learning as I go, making mistakes and asking for help. Today I had the pleasure of a one hour phone consult with art marketing guru Barney Davey. I’ve been following Barney’s advice on how to market myself as an artist for about the past 6 months and I’ve found that by being focused on creating a plan and setting clear goals, I can already see changes happening. But despite all that, sometimes I feel completely lost in what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. So, it’s good to check in with someone who knows what they’re talking about, who will give you honest advice and help you get re-calibrated on your plan of action. Today, Barney got me over the slump, loaded me with new creative marketing ideas and probably increased my weekly workload by about 10 more hours, but I’m inspired and on task once again, which is what it’s all about!
Artist friends – we got this!

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2 thoughts on “The Business of Art

  1. You’re the only one I know that would take their art to the depths of the Atlantic to get it done…Go Jenni!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Susun! : )

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