Talk to me Baby!

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | talk to me baby!Up until now, we couldn’t really talk, I would write, you would read, but that’s where it ended. I will admit it, I was afraid of the Spam but with my Spamblocker in place (fingers crossed!) you can now talk to me, right here, on The Dirt! Just sign in and add a comment to any post I’ve created here, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and ideas- so talk to me baby!

Thanks for following along with my musings on life in the studio.


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2 thoughts on “Talk to me Baby!

  1. That’s a real cute pic of you. All the little Jenni inspired creations are going home now. Next year I’m saving clay for last, because when we ran out in March. All I ever hear is “Are we doing clay today?” We’ll have to try the green sand beach next time, or Halema’uma’u. The lava lake dropped way down today, they closed the park. Super miss you.

    1. Thanks Susun! Next time, I want to plan a longer trip so I can do clay projects with your students AND do more art photoshoots! Miss you too!

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