outside scoop: 20

This week, outside the studio…

We got two more legs of the Bay Area Ridge Trail checked off the list, as we walked from the northern end of Pacifica to Lake Merced in SF and then to Stern Grove in SF. It was just under 9 miles total which took us about 3 hours of walking and then we took a Lyft back to our car which took about 15 minutes. Very fun to take these urban hikes to places we’ve only driven past, a totally new perspective.
We’ve been spending a lot of time enjoying hanging out in Santa Cruz as the weather has warmed up and dried up. Playing on the cliffs eating oysters isn’t the worst way to spend the weekend.
Next week we head out for a four day 40 mile backpacking trip in Utah/Arizona, so we’ve started piling up the gear and getting Bowie ready with his pack- he seems excited for the adventure. I’ll hopefully have some great photos to share with you when we return!

The Outside Scoop is a weekly blog series that shares a little bit of what’s going on in my life outside of the studio. Please feel free to leave comments, I look forward to chatting with you here!

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