New Studio Update

The new studio is really beginning to take shape!

We (meaning Nate!) have built the interior walls that will separate the clay areas from the non-clay areas of the studio. These huge walls went up this past weekend and will be sheeted with plywood soon, they will make a beautiful space to showcase art on. The top will be covered with a thin plastic to help keep out the clay dust while still meeting the fire code. We also got some doors from Habitat for Humanity’s Restore, which was a great way to recycle old building materials and support a great organization. Looking forward to starting to move some things over to the new studio soon!

New Studio Update | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

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2 thoughts on “New Studio Update

  1. Hurrah! Can’t wait to see it. I’ve been gone all month. Lucia Bruer @ Jamie Abbott studio.

    1. Thanks Lucia! We’ll be working there this weekend if you want to swing by and say hi!

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