New Blog Series Launching!

I’ve been feeling disenchanted with social media these days and posting there less and less. Fighting the algorithm and being inundated with an overwhelming amount of admittedly very funny videos are a just part of the battle. But, I still do want to share what I’m up to both in and out of the studio with you all. So….

I’ve decided to launch a new blog series, called ‘the outside scoop’. This will be a once a week post containing what’s going on in my life outside the studio so you might get some inspirational nature bits, adventures and probably a dog photo or two will sneak in once in awhile. Please feel free to leave comments on my posts, I look forward to chatting with you there!

low tide morning dog walk at Davenport Landing

I will be keeping all my social media accounts live, but my plan is to share more content here through this blog series and less (…and less) there. After all, you guys have actually subscribed to get my posts and hopefully we can reconnect without fighting the algorithm. Thanks for letting my life hit your inbox once a week!

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