Looking Back…

Going through old photos and cds over the weekend and I discovered some gems, I’ll share some goodies with you over the next week of posts. The thing that was amazing was seeing the continuity of my work over a decade of making it.Looking Back | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture

The piece on the left was made in 2001, with some leftover clay I managed to snag, fired in someone else’s kiln before I had my own studio and carved with a sandblaster at someone else’s studio I was working at then. Basically, I was just out of school didn’t have the equipment or studio space but somehow I managed to create this piece and someone bought it the first time I exhibited it at a local show. And I still kinda like it, which is rare for older work.

The piece on the right was made in 2013. This one was made with a clay I knew would work best for this process, it was tended to, carried carefully around the studio, padded with foam as it dried to help insure its survival. It was one of over a hundred pieces in this series, had hours of trial and error to make it not collapse in the firing process. It too sold at its first exhibit and I still like it.

Over a decade of working with the same form, the same technique of removing clay, still trying to find the balance between the organic and geometric and still not sure if I’ve figured it out yet. I love that the process of learning and creating never seems to have an end.

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