inspiration through exploration: sydney

After a two+ week adventure through New Zealand, we returned to Australia to spend time with friends and family we hadn’t seen in years. It was great to base out of our friends homes and venture into the marvelous city of Sydney for day trips. We happened to spend our time there during the most rain the area had seen in a decade, so instead of spending a lot of our time outdoors, we hit the museums.

The Australia National Maritime Museum had a beautiful display of sea animals that were all created from upcycled ghost nets. The work was made by indigenous artists from Erub Arts and collaborating non-indigenous artists to bring awareness of the irreparable harm caused by the abandoned nets in the oceans. This is just a small sample of the work they had suspended from the ceiling in the entrance to the museum.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia had engaging exhibits of object based pieces, video and installational works all by Australian artists. (l to r) Image 1 is a detail of salt crystals growing on a piece of found wood by Nicole Foreshaw, Image 2 is a found driftwood installation by Fiona Hall, Image 3 is a photographic print on the wall by Barayuwa Mununggurr and Image 4 is bronze work by Ricky Swallow.

Despite the rain, we of course did some hiking – getting completely soaked in the process, but having so much fun anyways! So I did get some shots of the eroded sandstone rock formations on the coastline. I have a feeling that these might show up at some point in future works.

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