Hurricane Matthew and Haiti

As many of you know, I’ve made multiple trips to post-earthquake Haiti to work with artists, children and communities. In my time spent there, I’ve developed friendships and been honored to meet people who are doing an amazing job of being on the ground resources to help renew Haiti. The earthquake happened over six years ago and these people and organizations are still there making progress, everyday.

As I type, Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on the island and bound to leave disaster in its path. Many of these on the ground organizations have done what they can to help the people prepare for the storm, but the fact is that most of the residents don’t live in homes that can hold up to a storm like this and aid relief will be needed for thousands by the time this storm has passed.

If you are inclined to help, please consider donating to Haiti Communitere. I have worked with them and seen them in action, your dollars are very well spent here.

Hurricane Matthew and Haiti | the dirt | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture


This classroom is at a school in one of the most impoverished areas of Port au Prince and run by one of the most inspiring people I’ve met Winter Luc. The other photo is at Haiti Communitere’s base in Port au Prince where my good buddy Caleb is explaining to me what he’s learning in school and how he’s going to be a doctor someday.

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