Crossing international borders is pretty much off limits right now, but despite that, we are currently in Mexico. “Why?” You might ask…

Well, about 18 months ago we started the process of purchasing property in Baja Sur and the realtors were ready to close just as Covid hit. We delayed crossing the border since so much was unknown then, but now four months later with masks, hand sanitizer at the ready and things starting to reopen in both California and Baja we felt we could safely cross and travel down in our van to complete our business.

The bonus to this trip is that our new property is adjacent to Taller de Terreno, a ceramic center and architectural wonderland based just north of Todos Santos. We are camped out there with clay friends, enjoying ocean views and desert life while we process our property sale. We arrived just in time for me to put a few sculptures into their multi-fuel kiln firing. Five of us took over 15 hours to haul the work up to the kiln site, wad all the pieces, and load the kiln. When the final brick on the door was placed at 2 am, we were mentally and physically done. I haven’t been a part of a big atmospheric kiln firing since I was in school 20+ years ago, so it was super fun to relearn all the tricks and techniques. Can’t wait to see the results!

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2 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. How exciting Jenni. Does that mean you’re leaving Santa Cruz for good or will you keep the studio. I am missing CA. Forgot what summers in Florida are like.

    1. Hi Linda! No plans to leave Santa Cruz yet, we will see what the future brings! Take care in Florida and hope to see you again in CA!

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