Going for a Swim

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | the dirt | going for a swimTeaser Alert! 

This selection of new Bone Series pieces are off to New Jersey to go for a swim! This fall, I’ll be visiting family and friends for a few weeks on the east coast and (fingers crossed) if everyone stays healthy and the weather is good, we’ll be taking these guys diving into the Atlantic. My friend and underwater photographer Herb Segars will be documenting it all, along with my mom & husband helping underwater and our trusty deck crew helping out on top. With calm seas, a healthy crew and lots of help, we will hopefully be able to place these guys on the bottom with beautiful results. I’m hoping document the whole process with GoPros, and will share the results with you all soon!


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2 thoughts on “Going for a Swim

  1. I am very excited to see this…the process and the results! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Beth, I can’t wait to see what happens too!

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