getting closer…

I ~almost~ have enough bottles to complete both bottle wall windows in the studio and I think they’re going to look great! I love the variety of shapes and shades of green in all the bottles. Each brick is made with two bottles that have been cut and taped together to make a bottle brick, so this is approximately 300 bottles that I’ve collected, cut and cleaned to make these windows. Mortaring them into place will be a whole other part of this project, but very fun to see it start to come together. Big thank you’s to all my friends who have been doing their part slugging back the contents and saving the bottles for me!

In other studio news, Nate is working away at getting our plumbing online. We needed to get a pump, pressure tank and all the piping components to get everything set up to work with our solar system and septic system. Getting all the components is a process in itself. While we have a plethora of local hardware stores, there’s no guarantee that they will have all the parts you need in the right size and quantity that you need, plus we of course need to ask for all these parts in Spanish, because most products are behind the counter here not in aisles where you can browse for what you want, so that adds another level to the search for parts. And our property is about 20 minutes from the nearest store, so missing something off your list can take a few hours out of your workday. The lesson here is to slow down, be patient and eventually your project will come together.

The studio is designed to double as a guest space as needed, so we included a full shower in our bathroom set up. We will be adding a solar water heater into the system soon too. I still haven’t quite figured out how I want to design the sink/counter area, so that’s still on hold, but we’re slowly collecting the rugs, curtains, hooks and of course the ART to design out the space. I never thought I’d post a photo of my bathroom on my blog, and it currently doesn’t look like much, but when you go through this much work just to get indoor plumbing on an off the grid system, you’ve got to show off the milestones!

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