Finishing the surfaces

If you came by the studio the past two weekends, you got a sneak peek at the progress on A Feast of Flowers, my public art project for the coastal rail trail. Two of the flower heads are finished and even got to experience their first rain. In the week in between Open Studios weekends, I’ve been working on the patina for the stems. I still have the four other flower heads to finish the patina surface on and then they will all be ready. The patina process is exhausting and exciting to see the acid change the surface of the galvanized metal instantly. I love the organic quality of the surface and the variety of reactions it has to the different areas on the metal.

If you missed seeing them at the studio, here’s a few pics of the progress… very excited to get these guys planted in the ground soon! Click here to learn more about A Feast of Flowers!

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A Feast of Flowers | Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture
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